Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Parent/Teacher Confrences...

Last week was parent/teacher confrences and I'm so proud of my little monkeys for working so hard in school. They all had super awesome reports and they are all on track or way ahead of where they needed to be! Miss Daisy is doing great all around. Her teacher loves her, she is such a great helper, she listens,stays on task and won the Gator award last week as well. Her handwring is very pretty and she likes to add flowers next to her name. Her art projects are beautiful and bright and her reading scores are super! At the beginning of the year she scored 119 words per minutes and needed to have 54 or above, so her teacher informed me because she's ahead of where she needs to be even for the end of the year, she won't be testing her as much. She said she could be doing 4th grade work. Way to go Daisy! Miss Grace is doing amazing. She's been reading for a year now and is crazy to watch. She was just reading a chapter book last night which was one of Daisy's. She scored 44 words per minute and only needed 11. Her teacher said she was quiet in class and would actually like to hear MORE from her. Daisy and I were both shocked when we heard that! She is making friends, boys are chasing her and calling her cute, she is helping the other kids read and write their names and is quite the little teache's helper. She loves recess and comes home singing new songs all the time. Her teacher told me she would be giving her more challenging work so she wouldn't become bored. Way to go Grace! She is doing fantastic! Mr. Tristin is also doing great. He's finishing home work, reading his 20 minutes a day, doing really well in Math, loves Science, has good friends, has really great handwriting, loves to doodle pictures and the only complaint from his teacher is that he's reading too much during class! She has to remind him to have eys on her while she's teaching because he's lost somewhere in a book! I love it. And so does his teacher, except we talked about how he needs to focus on the lesson and only read during "reading" time. Tristin you are doing awesome! I love my kids and am so proud of them.

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