Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The bug...

We had to take the bug into the shop last week after I got stranded at the school, again. When it happened I was almost in tears as my friend Kristen drove us home from a PTA thing.I had been having a strong feeling for awhile that it was time to let the bug rest and find something else more suitable for the family. I also knew we couldn't afford the price tag of fixing it, yet again. It was becoming silly for Trav to drive the van into work everyday leaving me home with the bug and often all or most of the kids. I was afraid to let him drive it into work too often because of it not running so great lately. (He was so sweet and left it for me on Friday's which happen to be yard sale days. What a sweety!) I love the bug with all my heart. She was a dream when I was really little and a gift from my Dad and G-pa Iverson (who has passed) when we got married. She has just been a problem car over the past 12 years and we have forked out thousands of dollars we never had to keep her running. She's still running, just not very well. Apparently, she's having carborator problems and will be another $ 450.00 to fix. I have come to terms with the truth so we are in the process of finding another car at the moment. I'm still holding onto her because she's my baby and because she isn't worth a dime- so wish us luck at finding a new car for my husband. He's delighted out of his mind but the car he wanted didn't check out at the mechanic yesterday- so we are hoping his # 2 choice will be a winner today.

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