Friday, July 6, 2012

G-pa Max...

I am blessed to have the greatest father-in-law on the planet. I know of no other 72 year old man who makes quilts for the Relief Society, (36 since October and bed size to be exact! only 1 has been a baby quilt!)and has a "mini Olympics" with his grandkids on the 4th of July. When we arrived at G-ma & G-pa's for the 4th, we ate and layed around for awhile. I quickly told the kids go play outside, but no one wanted to go. I started thinking up all these "olympic" games and the girls started to jot them down. after a list of about 10 or more, they headed out in the heat with their G-pa trailing behind to play and be the timer person. When I went outside to check on them- I found my father-in-law on his hands and knees racing around the front yard as fast as he could while timing himself as well. He also participated in the flamingo stand, eye blinking contest, bear crawl, standing long jump, arm circle race and stool jumping contest. It was one of those moments I will cherish. We love you G-pa Max!

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