Friday, July 6, 2012

Baby Update: 7 more days or less!!!

If this little man doesn't jump out before then, we will be at the hospital in exactly 1 week to extract him from my growing belly, and I cannot wait! I just want to hold him and see his black hair and little hands and toes and lips. I can't wait to watch the kids with him, and see Trav with another baby in his arms. I will be sad to see Willow move out of the baby seat and graduate to real "big girl" status- but I am excited as well. Everyone is beyond ready and hoping anyday he gets here. I had my appointment on Tuesday but she didn't check my cervix. I was kind of bummed because I wanted her to strip my membranes, which she normally does, but- nothing. She cancelled my last appointment and said, "regardless, we will have a baby next week- see you Friday at 6:00 AM!" and off I went. 7 more days at most... I can do it right??? I think I'm about ready. I have everything washed, folded, diaper bag packed, hospital bag as ready as it can be, electronics charged, bins organized, baby furniture clean and legs shaved! I still need to sanatize the breast pump and stroller I just got for $ 3.00- but other than that and constant house work- I'm set! I look forward to my stomach not being the constant conversation piece, or my neighbor joking at how HUGE I am, and being able to walk noramlly again- but most of all, being able to hold my new bottle of Advil in my arms and know after the longest 39 weeks of my life- I can consume them if I so desire. I cannot wait! I'll keep you posted!


Christy said...

I cant wait!!!!! Call or text me if you need ANYTHING before during or after this Babe comes!

jayna said...

I laughed and laughed about the advil- so true! Another beautiful baby - very exciting. Best wishes!!