Monday, July 7, 2008

My sweet Ryan...

Ryan has been my best guy friend and like a brother to me since 3rd grade. He's watched over me for most my life and he's just been like apart of the family,. Mom and Brent adore him as I do. We have so many fun memories with each other running around on the play ground when we were 9 and 10, passing notes in Junior high, being there for each other after break ups with boyfriends and girlfriends in High school, going on motorcycle rides ( my favorite was when I didn't realize my 4 inch boot was resting on his muffler and it melted half of my heel off! and left black rubber melted to his muffler), camping with his family, trips to his Dad's cabin ( my favorite was when he was so drunk one night and I was nominated to hold his throw up bowl. All I can say is it's a good thing he was my brother, because other people's vomit is so disgusting!) holidays with our families, the time we were Christmas shopping and laid down in a hammock, but I got up too fast and he flipped out of that thing and ended up on the floor! I'm still laughing about that! ( and a 1000 more memories). We've been through so much together and although our visits are few these days, we're still there when we need each other. We've been there through marriages, the military, divorce, jobs, kids, houses, and heartache. Ryan will always be one of the sweetest guys I know and one of my favorite people in the world.

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Gabe & Christy Beal said...

Ryan looks like he really is your brother! FUN! I have a sam who is my ryan, and I have to say, they are the BEST!

It occurred to me today that I hadnt been on your blog for a while, and I wondered why? So I looked and wa-la your site was missing from my list of people I find attractive! Dont ask me how this happened. All I know is you are super hot, and will be placed BACK on my list as soon as blogger isnt malfunctioning and shutting down every time I try to fix it!

Thanks again for inviting us over for the 4th. WE had a blast and really loved the good food and cute kids. Your friends were so nice and fun too! We cursed ourselves for leaving early because we drove all the way to our movie only to see the theater was CLOSED! BOO!!! We ended up renting and going home! Anyway, lets do lunch at the O Garden soon. Before the wee baby makes its appearance! Call me!