Saturday, July 19, 2008

We survived the campout!!!

Honestly, I was not looking forward to our ward camp this weekend. I envisioned bears attacking our tent, my children drowning in the near by stream, mosiqutos biting my rear end again (probably the reason we haven't been camping for 8 years!) and germs that even my travel sized Lysol couldn't kill. But, I am pleased to report, none of those things happened! And, we all had a great time. (There were some bedtime issues, some snoring problems I had to endure and a few other unpleasant encounters) but other than those, it was no problem! Here is Daisy helping Trav sent up the tent. We arrived yesterday and are happily safe at home now. It was about a 24 hour trip, not too bad for our first family camp out!

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jen said...

I'm impressed that you already have pictures up! I'm also happy that you went up to the camp out. It was fun!