Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Weekend get-a-way...

Trav and I just had our first weekend get a way and it was so wonderful and relaxing! We went way up past Silver Creek and found the perfect spot near the river. It was Heaven! ( although running water and a toilet would have been nice! ) It was really hot but we cooled off in the river, relaxed in our old people chairs, read books, played Yahtzee in which my score was 471, went on a hike, took naps, slept in, went to bed early, cooked amazing food, talked, played go-fish, and sat and watched the trees. It was wonderful, needed and something I wish we could do often. Sister Green was amazing and watched the kids while we were away. We would be lost without her- thank you friend for giving us the chance to be a couple for 48 hours.

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