Wednesday, August 6, 2014


We had a great time camping last month, we went past idaho City to Ten Mile where we went last year (and buried our bottle!)We found the bottle we buried a year ago, infact we found it in less than 5 minutes which was pretty awesome for not having a GPS. I just used a long hatchet and started digging in a place I thought it might be and before I knew it, I hit plastic. Jackpot! There it was with our note we wrote and rolled up still inside. It was wet from the Winter season, but we could still see our writing on it which was cool. We had a fun time relaxing, playing, going into town for ice cream, playing games, cooking yummy food in the dutch oven, eating smores, staying up, and having fun together. Sister Green came with us again, but thankfully she wasn't on crutches this time! Oh how we love her!

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