Thursday, November 14, 2013

A scout stool and puberty...

Tristin made an awesome stool last week at scoust, he even burned the lettering into it! Good Job Mr.! And for about 3 seconds can I just say that Tristin has entered into the "P" word. Yup, we are there folks and it's really weird sometimes. It's like having a hormonal girl living in the house off and on! Personally I think 11.5 is majorly too young to already have serious arm pit hair, leg hair and a mustache growing. He's changing and he's been having mood swings like a crazy woman! I swear guys get PMS too! It's just called GFO (guys freak out!)I seriously thought I had a few more years but no, we are in it. Sex, changing body talks, girls, clean thoughts and all that jazz. I do talk a lot about how our bodies are supposed to change, the urges and desires are normal and from God, but everything needs to be kept under control and within the limits we believe in. I'm not sure I can do this. How do I raise boys? I am grateful we talk. And we talk about a lot of it now. We have too because he is growing up, it's apart of life and the middle school education I'm sure he's getting- needs clarification. I'm honest and I remind him constantly that the Lord designed us, our bodies and he wants us to be happy. We talk a lot about choices, and how Satan distorts and takes beautiful things and turns them into vulgar and ugly things. We talk about good thoughts and following the example of Christ. We talk about temptation and the joy of keeping a clean mind. We talk about the gospel and how we have guidelines because Heavenly Father loves us more than we will ever know. I also tell him I am proud of who he is becoming and that I love him. I fear that I will fail somewhere or everywhere and when he gives his mission farewell I won't hear how I rocked as a Mom because I messed him up so much. I just hope he turns out ok. I hope he is a kind man and wakes up to help the new family in the ward unpack their u haul at 8:00 am on a Saturday morning. I hope he knows I'm doing my best everyday and I sure hope I learn to deal with the body hair he's accumulating!

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