Tuesday, October 29, 2013

A long ride...

The 3 places I feel the most at peace are: the temple, the ocean and on a motorcycle. There is just something so freeing about being on a bike, I could ride all day if I could so of course I was thrilled to go on a long ride with Dad last week. My friend Emily watched the kiddos and I dropped them off at 11:00, then drove over to Dad's. We drove up to Horseshoe Bend and had lunch at a little Mexican resturant, and then drove over and down into Emmett. We had the most gorgous day for riding. Although cold in the morning, it was pure Heaven. We dressed warm, enjoyed the sun and awed over the breath taking colors of Fall. The air was crisp, the ride was great and we even stopped and said Hi to Shane & Chelsea while we were a few blocks away. Sadly, it was time to go home though. 5 hours wasn't long enough, but I was greatful for the fun day we had together. Thanks Dad!

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