Wednesday, September 11, 2013


A few days ago I watched the tiny video clip from "Time out for Women" and in it they challenged us to learn something new this month. I honestly thought- yeah right, there is no time for that! But then I really asked Heavenly Father to help me find something. I came up with cooking. I hate to cook but love to eat. It drives me crazy, I don't enjoy it, I get stuck in the same rut with the same meals and I feel like a failure when Trav comes home from a long day and it's grilled cheese or speghetti! I knew I needed to step up my game plan- and I have! Nothing out of the field- but I've been trying new recieps and baking! I've cooked a pot roast with potatoes, carrots and gravy. I tried a new enchalada reciepe which was yummy, I defrosted chicken in time to actually have it ready for dinner- that was huge! I tried a new dessert (brownie, pudding & cool whip), made banana bread/muffins and there was another one I can't remember. Like I said, nothing amazing, but at least I have been looking at new things and actually planning. Olive Garden's Zuppa Tocana soup is on the list, which we love too! I'm seeing a little pattern though- cheese, bacon, butter, mayo, cream cheese & mexican- it just calls my name!!

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