Tuesday, January 22, 2013

What are your favorite apps???

It was 9 months ago when I really learned what an app was.Trav bought me a kindle fire for our anniversary and that's when I had to figure it all out. Yeah, I know, I am pretty clueless about a few things... anyway, I had never had a magic phone or any other device that needed them until then, so although I had heard of them, I never knew what they were or what they did. A few days ago I got a magic phone and now I need to know what apps you love and cannot live without! Honestly if I watch another you tube video with a 12 year old girl educating me, I might die, so let me know your favorites! Thanks.


Amber said...

Ha!! A magic phone?!? That's awesome :)

My favorites:
Clear (a list all)
Day one (journal)
Reeder (for reading blogs)

Amber said...

Looking for kids games?

Anything by toca boca is awesome.
Plug and the paddywacks

jayna said...

Um, I don't know---ask Christy!

tvcadurfee said...

lds tools. it has your ward/stake names list and scriptures and manuals. its so nice i love it! i also have solitaire and pool and a game for kendal and macie called toddler lock. it blacks the screen and makes bright colors and shapes and the noise you'd hear from a tv fairy wand as its putting colors on at the kids' touch. talking tom 2 is awesome too! curtis and ari love it!!! i only go free apps.

Missy08 said...

lds scriptures