Friday, October 19, 2012

My neck (and shoulders & jaw & back)

This is just for my documenting- skip this post if you dont want to hear my complaining! It was almost a month ago exactly that my neck started throbbing and aching. I though it would go away, perhaps I pulled it or twisted wrong, but after a week I started to doubt it. The pain was awful and I guess I thought if I just "wished" it away- it would dissapear, but I was wrong, again. By week 2 I knew something was wrong because the pain was getting horrible to deal with. Advil was saving me, but it felt like my vertabre were crushed up inside each other. It killed. Like last year when it happened, just the weight of lifting up my head was too much to bear. By week 3 my headaches were more inteanse than normal, my neck felt compacted & crushed, my shoulders hurt So bad and my jaw started aching agin. My back just had it's normal pain, the pain that I am so used to feeling. I knew it was time to do something because by this time I wanted to cut my head off. I just laid in bed almost in tears everyday. On Monday I went to a Chiropractor here in town. He was a nice guy, just not one that was going to target the problem and help me, so I called my chiroprator in Boise and went in 3 times this week. The drive, gas, and time it all takes isn't fun- but I was at my breaking point and desperete. I wish I could say I am feeling better, but the pain is still horrible. I've been iceing it and taking Advil but hopefully I'll start feeling the effects of getting my back straightened out. I've had 3 different Chiroprators ask if I have been in a car accident, and each time I've said "Nope." They have all been shocked because of how messed up I am. On Monday I was asked if I was a gymnast growing up, and again I said, "No." He said I had a horrible curve in my lower back which was causing a lot of my problems. Dr Dudley did a back scan and found all my problem areas so they could target them. A huge problem is my lower back is not straight and curving in the oppisite direction which is why I've had back pain probably my whole life. He said when it's going the wrong direction, the rest of my back pulls in the oppisite direction to compensate and try to balance it out. The problem is, your body can only compensate and adjust for so long until you hit a wall- that's what has happened. The pain has been awful. After 4 adjustments, he said my upper neck is getting better and he's working at getting my jaw, back and shoulders better as well. Oh how I pray...

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