Sunday, June 17, 2012

A wonderful baby shower!

I have the best friends on the planet. I love them with all my heart and I am beyond grateful to be surrounded by so many amazing women. Everyone pitched in to throw me a baby shower yesterday. Annikan hosted it at her house, did decorations and food, Angie made invites and mailed them out and brought food, Andrea offered to have it at her house in the beginning (but most of us were on the other side of town- so Annikan's house won!)and she brought the most amazing strawberry dessert ever. Rosie blessed us with her amazing burritos, and Lara brought decorations & the greatest dessert known to man. Christy provided the entire Target store for our viewing plessure and lots of other friends came to support the event. THANK YOU EVERYONE!!! It was wonderful and I was beyond spoiled. This little man collected the cutiest outfits, jammies, gift cards, necessities, diapers, art for his room, toys, a few blankets from G-ma Edith and lots of love. It was a great morning and although I know everyone wanted to be somewhere else, thanks for choosing to spend it with me and at my last baby shower! It really meant a lot, you guys are the greatest friends I could ever hope for! ( there were a few more pictures with friends that I could not post due to the grossness of my double chins and fat arms- to you- forgive me for not making it on the blog. The pictures I posted were awful enough and I am beyond embarrassed to be showing the 500 extra pounds already stuck on my body- but one day I'll want to look back, right?)

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Christy said...

I dont think I even got a picture with you! Probably because I was hiding all of MY double chins! I had a great time at the shower and DEFINITEELY didnt want to be somewhere else. Especially when those burritos showed up, lol!!!!

Cant wait to give Roman a good cuddle!