Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day!!!

What I love about my Dad is that he comes out every year to visit us. We look forward to his trips and we always have so much fun when he is here. I love that Dad and I have built a stronger relationship over the years and we are able to have thoses moments now that I always wished for growing up. When I watch him play with my kids, something inside my heart swells a million times. I am often in tears without him even knowing it because they are making wonderful memories with him, and I stand back to watch it all unfold. It means the world to me when me carves out time to be with us because I understand the short trip is a sacrafice for him in many ways. I am so grateful for his presence in our lives. I am grateful for his sence of humor, his vision and determination. He is one of the hardest workers I know and when he touches something- it turns into a work of art. I love his passion for mystery, treasure hunting and maple bar donuts. I love watching funny movies with him or eating pizza when he comes to visit. I love looking at older pictures of us, or talking about our trip to Hawaii when everyone thought we were a couple. I love our talks on the phone or when the kids start to talk about him out of the blue. I love to see Tristin's love for coin collecting grow because of my Dad. We love his bags of metal detecting treasures he brings when he come to visit and I love that he loves my babies and takes the time to be a Dad and Grandpa. And his motorcycle is pretty awesome too! (just no more rides while in my last trimester!) I love you Papa and hope you have a wonderful day (and forgive me for not getting your package to you on time. I'll mail it out tomorrow!) Happpy Father's Day!

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