Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Trav gets crafty...

This year for Valentines day we knew our budget was zero dollars, which was fine, so we decided to give "handmade" presents this year. ( I do it every year anyway!) But Trav really surprised me... he got out card board, scrapbook paper, a hole punch, glue, silver rings and wrote his feelings out on paper! I was so proud of him because he did a great job without even searching craft blogs for idea's! He made me a flip calendar with reasons why he loves me... the best part is that he worked on it for over a hour and even left exacto blade marks on the black computer chair- and Im not even mad! I made him a little heart book with a bunch of reasons why I love him (His is on the left. Mine is on the right.)Other than that, I was exausted and in bed by 9:00PM- seriously! It was the best Valentine's day ever!

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