Thursday, February 3, 2011

Busy Little Bees...

I have been reorganizing EVERYTHING in & outside of the house this past month- I feel AMAZING!!! You can see my projects & inspire yourself to start on your own! Click on my link on the right hand side to see my new blog: Even the house cleaner needs a maid!

Project for the next few days: Shed # 2. Yesterday we began the insain project of working on our food storage shed. Talk about crazy! We moved a few hundrend pounds of food out there, plus our water storage & tools before dark- it is still a work in progress, but how lovely to get started!
Shed # 1- is almost done. I just have a few more labels to make and then it will be finished (or as finished as it will get! I went through storage bins and reorganized them, moved them around and made more space!Good enough!)

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