Thursday, January 20, 2011

I'm trying...

I have REALLY been trying this past week to get better in the kitchen- making "real" dinner that is. I have made dinner for the past week using ALL NEW RECIPES!! I know, I can't believe it either! And better yet, I've survived! I've been praying like crazy to have the desire and to begin to enjoy it and so far it's been alright. I even tried a recipe that one of my favorite checkers at Albertson's gave me, that same night!
So, with that being said, I failed horribly with these potatoes. I know, they look like death, but I tried. I even stopped myself twice at the store when I was tempted to just buy the frozen hasbrowns even though I had a bag of potatoes at home. If you can believe it- I resisted, and tried to make them myself with my slicer thing- but they did not turn out- so, from now on, I will be buying frozen hashbrowns!

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jen said...

I think I know the problem... you have to cook the potatoes first, then shred them. My dad did that once and they turned out the same way. You're doing great!