Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Happy Birthday to me!!!

When Trav got a 2nd computer for the kids a few months ago, I thought it was excessive, to say the least. (Granted he got it from a friend for $ 20.00, so I was happy it didn't break the bank!) Everyone was already obsessed and on the computer WAY too much, so adding another one did not delight me... until I realized how I could benifit from it. It meant that I didn't have to share my computer as much and there would be less whinning and complaining when I actually wanted to be on for a few minutes- but my most favorite part in the entire world meant that: WE COULD GET ANOTHER PRINTER FOR MY COUPONS!!!! I could print 4 of each one now and I wouldn't have to drive over to my Father-in-laws house and spend an hour trying to print 2 coupons on his SUPER OLD one! It was horribly frustrating. (The cool part is that he got a new one for Christmas which prints in seconds and Ellen has her computer over there too which prints. So 4 sets for me!Yeah!!!!!!)
Anyway, we went to Walmart and picked up the cheap $29.00 printer and that night I ran back to Albertson's to grab more FREE food for the 100th time with my coupons from my new printer! I love my birthday present!!!

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Nicole said...

Wow, I had a lot of catching up to do. We got a new computer and I didn't save any of my blogs so I haven't checked any for months. Happy very Belated Birthday. It's good to see you and the family doing so well!!