Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Spending the night at Grammy & G-pa's house...

We had a lot of fun at Grammy & G-pa's house. The kids had a blast picking carrots & lettuce from the garden. Here they are with Grammy washing off the veggies- we couldn't get them to stop eating, finally Grammy had to tell them all done or they would have picked everything she had!Thursady morning G-pa & Trav played golg while G-ma & I took the kids to our favorite thrift stores. We shopped, ate lunch and then went back to the house to relax. Tristin & Grammy had fun playing Nintendo and it was nice to sit and talk with G-pa for awhile before we left to go back to Mom's house. G-ma spoiled me with her homemade chicken noodle soup, lemon pie & waffles- I love you G-ma. (I LOVE my zebra blanket!!!)

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