Wednesday, March 12, 2014


I love my sweet Willow, and I love our fun days together with just Roman while the big kids are at school. We play games, go for walks, cuddle and watch movies, read books , run a hundred errands, eat ice cream together, play in the back yard and have fun. I am SOOO glad I have 1 more year with her too before she starts school. I am in no hurry to send her off although she is ready now and would do fantastic! She's really smart, loves to do art projects, is so helpful and can be quite hilarious at times. She has even found a moody side which she likes to show when G-pa Arthur is around! I love her, and I especially love the picture of her in the van where she is filling out a Valentine to take to the firemen (but they never answered the door when we went last month. we were sad, but we left their treat and card that said Willow heart Mom. adorable)

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