Monday, December 2, 2013

Digging around...

I was out in the shed the other day trying to locate some letters. On the bottom of a huge row of totes, I found one labeled "Childhood Stuff" that I knew I hadn't looked in for quite awhile. It was a trip down memory lane when I opened it. My old bank! A pillow I made with my Aunt who passed away 19 years ago! My old barbies with amazing outfits that my girls are now making fun of! My name tags from 6th grade! 2 of my sticker books (oh man, I loved stickers!)A shell heart shaped box that I got as a present from my friend Louisa(I'm pretty sure she gave it to me). My daycare name tag! WOW!!! And then I found a few letters from my Aunt Abby I had to take a picture of to show my Mom and cousin. Oh, how I wish she were still here. I know we would crafting away all night and talking for hours. Miss you Auntie! Oh, yeah, and Trav had a tote full of his childhood stuff. He spent a few hours yesterday going through his old memories. Its hard to believe we were young once!

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