Friday, December 27, 2013

Christmas Day...

We had a wonderful Christmas this year! The Grandparents came over at 7 and the festivities began (Yes, we set a time to start this year!)We recieved super fun gifts and were overwhelmed by everyone's kindness. Trying to remember everything now! A Goodwood gift card (YEAH!!!!), $100 credit at the Harley store!, a roller skating punch card, a pinata filled with candy/toys/treats & confettii from Uncle Jesse, homemade canning items, lotion, perfume, a box of hotel soaps from my brother, more gift cards, $ from Uncle Jake, fun hinged boxes from G-ma April with $ inside, chapstick, jewrely, handmade towels, bath towels G-ma Edith, food items, Clothes, toys, new socks, a Target gift card from Uncle Eli, winter gear, candy, books, more toys and games! What fun! Later we played, relaxed and then went to G-ma & G-pa's for a WONDERFUL dinner! What a beautiful day with the kids and grandparents! Of course I was in tears at one point missing everyone back home. Mom called the night before with tears too and we just know it will come. Living away from home and my ENTIRE family has always been the biggest struggle. I feel I've missed out on the closeness and family bonds over the years. Even our trips home don't seem to fill the gaps, although I love every second there. It's just different living away but I am thankful for the second hand accounts of everything happening. I adore my family and I am happy they are all in the Seattle area together, I hope they realize what a treasure that is- having family so close. I miss that.(That's why having my Dad has been such a blessing, I don't feel so alone.)Merry Christmas!!! Thank you for all of our presents!! I love my towels Mama!!! Thank you Dad for making Christmas happen this year, we are so thankful for everyone!

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