Thursday, August 22, 2013

Edith & Max's 50th Wedding Anniversary Party!

A year and a half ago, you might remember the post where I couldn't go back to sleep and Trav thought I was crazy for starting to plan his parents 50th- well the big event was on the 10th of this month and I think I may still be recovering! I had great friends who endured the past year of "50th" talk" as I tried to work on getting things put together. I had friends help with invites, setting up and taking down and I am so thankful for awesome friends who realized my vision was slightly larger than me and jumped in to rescue me! I adore Edith and Max. They are 2 of the most loving, generous, giving, selfless people I know and I wanted them to have a "moment" where it was finally about them. They aren't huge party people- but I didn't care- so many people love them and have been touched by their sweet hearts, that I knew we needed to honor them the best we could. When I started talking to Max forever ago about decorations, he tickled my heart when he said turquois was his favorite color! Oh, blessed man. They also collect bird houses so I knew I had to go with that as a theme and then I threw in the birds and bird cages, because it all went together. I thought things turned out really well. I wish I had another year to fancy it up even more, but doing anything with 5 kids is a treat and I simply ran out of time and energy- but I gave it all I could. They had a super turn out and it was wonderful to see so many siblings show up from all over! Idaho, Montana, Utah, California etc.. it was great! Family and friends were there and I hope everyone enjoyed themselves! I love you Edith & Max, Congratulations on 50 years!

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Jana said...

Yay, I've been waiting to see pictures! It all looks amazing - you are such a doll to put so much time and effort to make such a special celebration for Travis' parents. 50 years of marriage is well-deserving of it; I hope I'm around when you and Travis hit that, I'll throw you a party!! :)