Monday, July 22, 2013

We loved you Cheeto! We will miss you...

Let's just say Thuersady was NOT a very good day around here. Our sweet little Cheeto (although very large at the time) passed away. We are not sure what happened- the heat? poisoned by a gel ice pack that he chewed on? his bottle hitting him on the head?- we are not sure, but he is gone. Daisy cried enough tears for all of us, and now I feel guilty because I was so tired of him I was about ready to take him over to Sister Green's for awhile. I am pretty shocked that my heart kind of misses his silly little nose and his squeeks when I would walk by and tell him to be quiet. I feel like the Grinch because my heart grew a few sizes bigger while having him. It was mostly because of Daisy though- seeing how much she loved him and took care of him made his smelly cage and endless poop worth it- kind of. Trisitn dug a hole in the back yard and that is where he is now. Bye Mr. Cheeto!!

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