Monday, March 25, 2013

Living like a Queen!

If anything else falls apart over here, breaks down, begins smoking or begins gushing water everywhere, I think I might bury myself in a hole and never return! The past few months have been CRAZY over here! With all these new appliances, I feel like a Queen living in a magical palace! (I wish! If only spending $ on these dumb things brought me happiness, I'd be dancing on the tables by now!)we have had to replace our furnace which had a crack in it, replace a wall because of mold in the panrty due to our hot water heater, then clean up a flood a few weeks later from the stupid water heater and then replace the darn thing! Our dish washer started acing up last year and then finally we could not start it anymore. We bought one from a couple at church and were happy to not have to wash dishes by hand anymore! Don't get me started on the dryer, which Trav and another guy from church tried to fix and then out of pure desire, I figured I'd get a new fridge too! (After taking ours out and seeing all the rust on the main parts, I'm glad we did it- who knows how much time that old thing had left in it!) Anyway- ask me how thrilled I am to have spent our beautiful tax money on such needed but expensive items! Geesh! Little recap: Furnace, Hot water heater, dish washer, dryer, washer, fridge, That only leaves a few things left to break down around here! Several months ago my washer started smoking, so that was replaced, I'm sure our air conditioner is next- but I think we might be good for a little while, what do you think?! And yes I realize I sound like a spoiled brat, I am truely grateful for how comfortable my life is and how blessed I am, it just becomes difficult being patient while trying to take care of these wild monkeys!*** Jana- I'm using the cute tins you gave me in my fridge! Thank you!!

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Jana said...

Wooo, check out your kitchen! I'm sorry that everything has broken down/needed replaced/etc, but it does look amazing :). And now everything should last for a long long time!!