Thursday, February 28, 2013

Blessing bag update...

A few weeks ago we had the privilage of handing out our first "blessing bag." We were headed to the store, we saw a person, we swung around the block so we would be on their side, rolled down the window, handed it to him, said "Have a good day" smiled and drove away. The second experince did not go over so well. At all. Trav was on his way home from work the other day when he saw a man "in need." He was at a light with a few cars in front of him. He waved the man over and with his window down, held the bag out for him. The man took one look at it, threw his arms up in the air and started yelling a swearing at Trav! "I spent $ 7.00 to drive over here and that's all I get! #%@$, %$@@, and %$#@!" the man yelled. He turned around and walked back to his spot. My gentle, sweet husband just sat there stunned. And then more stunned. And then even more stunned. The light turned green and Trav drove away in complete shock. Trav tried to share and help him and all he could do was swear, yell and show rude gestures towards him. On the ride home, my sweet man started to get upset, and then by the time he arrived home and replayed the drama- he was kind of mad! I let him vent and then after reminded him that although, shocking, rude and weird, he was only 1 person. There were plenty of others who really would appriciate our small act of kindness and we shouldn't let the swearing man ruin it for us in the furture. He kind of laughed and said' I'm just surprised that the homeless have gotten so picky."

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