Thursday, January 17, 2013

Embracing it...

A few months back I was watching a talk show while folding laundry. They were talking about such a simple thing: being in the picture. Literally. They were saying how as Mom's, we are always the ones taking the pictures because that's what we do, but also because we don't like how we look or the extra weight we've put on etc... they were also talking about how our kids need to have pictures of us when we are gone. They need to see us, our smiles, our outfits, our joys- everything. A woman was talking about how sad she was because she could only find 1 picture with her Mom in it, and she cherised that photo. It got me thinking a lot. Like most Mom's I know- we are busy! Showers take too much precious time, make up is usually smeared around the bathroom floor, our hair is in a pony tail, someone is always crying, there's a mess that needs our attention, we never feel cute enough, or thin enough- so why in the world would we want to capture that? But, we need to. Cute or not, we need to leave something for our children, and we need to be kinder to ourselves. Today I am embracing the fact that I have a few lingering pounds on these hips and a few more on this tummy of mine. I am embracing the fact that this is where I am at in this little window of time in my life, and it's ok. Do I eat junk food in bed when the kids are asleep? You bet! Can I inhale a box of donuts in 5 minutes, or 2 big Macs in less than that? Yup. Do I eat healthy stuff too? All the time. And guess what, I'm a lot happier than I was when I was starving myself for years and then throwing up everything I ate. I stayed in a dark place for so long and I was consumed with calories and the # on the scale. I denied food, I took pills, I didn't keep anything down and I was miserable! Maybe I'm just using excuses, or fearing if I start caring I'll resort to my old ways- but I'm ok right now. Sure, I need to move this hiney of mine, but if I have a few more jiggles than I did when I was 20 with zero kids, than oh well, I'm embracing the fact that I like food, I wear a few extra pounds, my face is a little rounder and my backside is a little curvery. If nothing else, this extra layer of blubber is keeping me warm through the winter, right? Just be kind to yourself today and embrace where ever you may be.

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Jana said...

YES. I always feel silly when after taking a ton of pictures of everyone else I hand the camera to Chuck and ask him to take some of me (although now most of the time he realizes it before I even ask) but I really think it's so important to have pictures of moms too!

And I absolutely agree on the embracing where we're at kind of a thing... just like we talked about last week! I've seriously eaten SO much chocolate since my party last week, and I'm totally okay with that; it'll be gone soon (really soon the way I'm going through it!) and then I just won't buy any more for a little while, haha.

Okay, super long comment, sorry! Love you!