Sunday, December 2, 2012

Cheeto goes to school...

It was probably the 2nd day we had Cheeto that Tristin came home from school and said his teacher would let him bring him in to show the class. On Friday at 3:00, we carried him in and let Tristin shine. He told the kids all about him and let them hold & pet him. It was pretty cute (minus the fact he needed a haircut, which he recieved last night!) While kids were waiting their turn to pet Cheeto, a herd of 5th graders started surrounding Roman like he was covered in candy or something. Before I knew it, a 1/3 of the class were playing with him, and making him smile & laugh. All I kept thinking was, Please get away from my baby, don't give him head lice, dont breathe on him, don't touch his hands because he will suck on them in 5 seconds getting whatever nasty germs you have, and please don't pick him up. I just smiled and took pictures while Tristin walked around to all his friends. Here's a few pictures!

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