Monday, November 26, 2012

We have a pet! Welcome Cheeto to the family!

Saturday night when we got back from our Thanksgiving travels, I called DeArley to see if she wanted to go shopping. I had some coupons and there were a few Black Friday/weekend deals I wanted to still check out at Target, so I picked her up and away we went. I had no intentions of buying the guinea pig yet, I was going to wait until a few days before Christmas. When we got to the pet store, the little brown guy I had my eye on was gone. I was kind of bummed, but there was 1 other critter that caught my eye. DeArley and I talked and decided I would go ahead and buy him, but keep him at her house so we could work with him and calm him down, and then on Christmas Eve I would go pick him up and of course surprise the kids Christmas morning. Well, I didn't last more than 12 hours. I kept thinking of his silly face and funny hair so I picked him up last night and we surprised the kids. DeArley went to the front door and rang the bell while I went in the back door and put him inside. I came back through the front door and we talked for a few minutes. I took my camera down and pressed record while she sent the kids down stairs to see "what the noise was."They could not believe their eyes. Infact they weren't sure if it was even real until it moved. Daisy was almost in tears, Grace4 was beyond excited, at one point Willow said she wanted a turtle, but then later said, "this is awesome." Tristin was excited and I was happy to see my kids so excited. It was priceless.

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Jana said...

I want to see the video! Have Travis help you, just put it on youtube and then embed it on your post... I can run over and show you how if you need me to :).