Tuesday, November 27, 2012

So, how is it going you ask???

 It is going Ok. There are parts that melt my heart and there are moments I wonder if I can really do this for a long period of time. I am freaking out about the hair so we have established a "pet apron & gloves" area. The kids are washing their hands like mad and we are removing poop like crazy! Why didn't anyone tell me about that??? Yesterday I watched you-tube videos for about a hour on how to care for your beloved pet and couldn't believe some of the people out there. I can tell you one thing- I am not going to let this little critter run around my living room, that's for sure! I think the poor thing is still in shock as he has endured a lot in the past few days. He started out in the back of the pet store and the day we bought him was his first day being with the other pets. Then we brought him home to quiet DeArley's house and got him situated, then 24 hours later, we uprooted him and he came to our super loud house, then he's been held a million times by super excited kids who have never had a pet, then yesterday he had his first bath. That was a horrifying experience for both of us, let me tell you! We have discovered he loves carrots and dislikes being chased around his cage so one of the kids can get him out. Oh and by the way, did I mention I think I am allergic to the wonderful thing too? Yeah, I am super excited about that. There's nothing better than feeling like I have swallowed a hair ball. We will see how things continue... wish me luck!

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