Tuesday, November 6, 2012

My Sweet Husband...

I never wrote anything special about Trav on his birthday last week, so I had to take a few and minutes to reflect on what makes him the sweetest man in my life. Why I love Trav (in no order, and I've probably listed some before): # 1- He brings me a bottled water every night before bed. # 2- He changes LOTS of diapers. # 3- He kisses me goodbye in the morning and doesn't care about morning breath. # 4- He sends silly AnchorMan texts to me throughout the day to make me smile. # 5- He supports my deal finding obsession. # 6- He always watches the kids without complaining. # 7- When he sees that I'm stressed, he stops and jumps into help or asks me what he can do to help me the most. # 8- HE FOLDS LAUNDRY!!! # 9- He puts up with my ugly oversized red bingo sweatshirt that I live in. # 10- If dinner isn't made when he gets home, he helps make it. # 11- He is always serving other people. # 12- Trav is pretty funny when you get to know him. # 13- He's a great listener- most of the time. # 14- He understands Mom will pretty much know everything there is to know about our marriage. # 15- He is kind. # 16- He gives into the kids requests almost 100% of the time. # 17- He has a good singing voice. # 18- He is always happy to see me. # 19- He is the best papa in the world. # 20- He is gentle. # 21- He appriciates me and what I do/or don't do in a day. # 22- He takes care of me when I hurt. # 23- He comes home to me everyday. # 24- He wont keep his hands off me, even after 5 babies! # 25- He is $ smart and saves for our retirement. # 26- He is amazing with computers- that's why the Navy loves him! # 27- He reads the long stories to the kids. # 28- He takes the kids to the dollar movie theatre by himself- EVERY time. # 29- He goes to the theatre by himself for date night because I wont go with him, and accepts my reasons for staying home. # 30- He accepts me just the way I am. # 31- He has a sweet smile. # 32- His deodorant smells terrific! # 33- He puts up with my cooking. # 34- He sees a need and helps. # 35- He is a good man who loves Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ & his family. I could go on forever, I love you sweet man.

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