Thursday, November 1, 2012

Happy Halloween!

The kids had 2 days full of Halloween fun, and my feet are tired now! We had our annual Trunk-or-treat Wed night at the church, which was great. Yesterday at 5:00, I took the kids to another trunk or treat at a church near by, then we came home to eat, then we went around the neighborhood with G-ma Green, came home and picked up our sleepy Papa and went to his parents neighborhood to end the night. We had several costume changes over the 2 days which included 9 changes total. We had a Snow white princess, a vampire princess, a dinosaur, a witch, Papa Smurf, a zombie, a bumble bee, a pink unicorn and a pumpkin. the kids had lots of fun and a ton of candy! Willow and I made our deliveries to our friends at Albertson's yesterday and to our friends around our neighborhood, she was so cute! Glad the holiday is over now!

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Jana said...

Tristin looked AWESOME as Papa Smurf, I didn't recognize him for a minute at the Trunk-or-Treat! And I love that everyone had so many costumes to choose from and switch around :).