Thursday, September 27, 2012

The van is mine again!

With the bug being a little scary to drive lately, I was letting Trav take it into work everyday (except Friday's, of course for yard sale day!) I was just driving it around town to run errands but let me tell you, it was becoming a pain to get kids & the baby car seat in and out of. We made it work, but I am thankful to have the van back! I vacuumed it, shampooed the seats and floor, washed everything down and organized it a little bit. I've always had our 6 backpacks under the seats with our 72 hour kits, but I loved this when I saw it on Pinterest. I knew I had to do it (Plus my diaper bag might weigh a pound less, imagine that!) I wasn't able to find the shoe organizers at the Dollar store so I had to bite the bullet and spend $ 5.96 at Wal Mart for this one that I cut in 4th's. I sewed a new top on one of them, added some rivet things, made some cute labels and filled it with things we use/need/ hope to have everyday. I added: diapers, wipes, nursing pads, baby food, back up formula & bottle (even though I nurse), baby food, extra clothes, binkies, baby lotion, plastic bags, sewing kit, waters, Capri suns, crackers, fruit snacks, granola bars, treats, suckers, thank you notes, scissors, crayons, tape,stickers, pens, post it notes, klennex, tweezers, nail clippers, deodorant, perfume, toilet paper, kids Advil, Mama's Advil, chapstick, water bottle, hair clips, rubberbands & comb. In the box next to it, I have: jumper cables, a blanket, Clorox wipes, paper towels, a first aid kit and a gallon of water. I still have more to add like: garbage sacks for the back of the van and the kids own little section with books and coloring stuff, but I'm getting there! I never thought I'd be so happy to have the van be mine again! (click on the pictures if you want to see an upclose shot of what I put in them.)***I just made matching garbage bags for the back too, now maybe the van will look somewhat clean instead of the junk yard it's looked like lately!

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jayna said...

That is amazing! You are constantly astonishing me with your mad skills!