Thursday, September 6, 2012

G-pa comes to visit...

My Dad came for another visit on Tuesday and left yesterday. It was really nice to have him stay for 2 nights this time. Everyone had a great time and we miss him aleady!We ate yummy pizza, went to the park to go metal detecting (they found .10!), read stories, went to the dollar store, Dad went couponing with me, we made a Costco run, we walked the kids to school each morning, played with the baby, he washed my van and filled it with gas (thank you so much Dad!), we stayed up late talking, watched funny videos, the boys went to the Pawn shop to look around, and we tried to sit down inbetween and rest. We always love it when he comes and in 19 months when he retires at age 60, hopefully we will see him a little more often. He always comes once a year and it means so much to me. Thanks Dad for another great visit, we love you!

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