Friday, September 14, 2012


I truely believe that the Lord blesses us when we do our best to serve and help those around us. I try really really hard to help those around me and I know because I do, I am rewarded with fruit to can! It sounds silly, but it's true> During canning season, it seems like Angie & I are out in the orchard picking fruit for everyone we know, and it's ok, because when we hold those giant peaches in our hands or climb to the tallest limb to grab the perfect apple- it's all worth it. Wed night we went out as a family to help with the Johnathan apples and we were given permission to gleen from the ground. We helped pick for the church for a few hours and then the blessings came, beautiful, glorious apples off the ground to bring home! Angie, her friend Jill and I went out yesterday to get a few more (also given permission to do). We picked up a few galas, a few more peaches and then went across the street and bought some pears and plums. What a great day! God is so good! Like I said before, being out there is a magical place for me. Honestly, my testimony is strengthened every time I am there. To stand and look at all the trees with fruit hanging from them is proof to me that God lives. How else can something so perfect grow and then taste like Heaven? I told Angie yesterday when we were picking beautiful apples- "No wonder Eve ate that apple! Look at how beautiful these are!" Maybe I'm just a big weirdo, but fruit sings to my soul. Canning is such a gift in our home and I'm so thankful for the fruit every year that helps my family. I love canning with my girls too. Hopefully they will remember our crazy days out in the orchard getting dirty and weeks of canning at home. Last night I made 4 batches of fruit blended applesauce. I made Plum applesauce, peach, strawberry and pear. I think I'll try raspberry too. Blueberrys were a little expensive, so we'll see if I change my mind and spend $ 6.00 for them!

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the Ebeltofts said...

I always love, love, love going to the orchard with you. Its so sad to me that they are changing the rules and wont let us do that anymore. I will never forget those fun times swinging from the trees while being prego, hitting your boob with a peach and leaving a bruise, and all of those other fun memories i will always have! love you!!!