Thursday, August 9, 2012

The washer...

Yesterday I was sitting at the comnputer when I heard the washer make a really weird sound. Tristin came running up to me and said, "Mom, something is burning!" I jumped up and rounded the corner of the hallway to see smoke everywhere in the back half of the house. The house was filling up with smoke, the detectors went off and I found the smoke coming from the washer of all things. I quickly unplugged it, opened up all the windows and silently said a prayer of thanks for my babies being ok, and then a second prayer of: I really don't want to deal with this today- could you please just zap a new washer in my house today? Pretty please? After a day of phone calls, text messages, visits to look at washers, picking up the truck from my in laws, picking up a dollie from Annikan's husband's work, finding a washer, going to the bank, driving over to pick up the "winner", loading it with an old man, driving it home, unloading it with my neighbor, cleaning out from underneath the old one, putting the new one in, hooking it up, testing it, loading up the old one, driving to the dump, fighing with the straps to get it undone, trying to push it off the back of the truck by myself but having the wheel thing get stuck, waiting for a man to help me, driving home with all the kids and then collapsing for .5 seconds before nursing a screaming newborn- I WAS TIRED, but very thankful! My load of clothes that I washed by hand in the tub was as "pioneer" as I wanted to get. I know people lived without them for a billion years, but with a newborn that poops, pees, spits up and has breast milk flying everywhere, I really wanted a washer ASAP! It was not what I wanted to spend my time and money on, but wringing out towels in the tub just about killed my wrists so it was worth every penny. I pray she is a good one and will last awhile! Thank you for washing machines!

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