Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Corn is complete!

I love the days were you're up to your arms in fruit or veggies and the house is a mess, the kids have watched hours of TV, your feet ache, the dishes are crazy, the kitchen floor is littered with bits of food, the laundry hasn't been touched in days, dinner wasn't made- but at the end of it, you have food! Amazing sweet food that you know your family will enjoy all year long! I was able to get 75 bags done the past few days (Cammy helped me with 30!)and I am happy to say, I'm done! A few things that made corn AMAZING this year was # 1- a bundt pan and # 2- Pampered Chefs corn peeler (my wonderful friend Kristen let me borrow her's. She sells Pampered Chef too- so if you need one, she's your girl!)The girls had fun helping a little too, here they are working their magic.

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