Monday, August 20, 2012

1st day of school...

We just got back from walking the big kids to school- today is their 1st day! Tristin is in 5th and Daisy is in 2nd! Grace starts on Thursday so she still has a few more days. After we gave hugs & kisses, I watched the kids walk away and find their friends. I was walking home but turned 1 more time to just watch them. Tristin was standing with Liam & Cody and for some reason tears started to come. I said a little prayer and asked God for good friends. I instantly saw Tristin as a teenager and invisioned those years for a split second. Again I whispered, "Please Lord, surround them with good friends." Every Mom worries when they send their kids off to school. I know all the emotions are normal, healthy and great for me to process- it was just a moment. Tristin waved one last time before I turned around. Daisy found her friends, hugged and then walked away. My babies are growing up... (After an intense talk with Daisy about head lice, she promised to stay away from any kid scratching their head, not sit on on fabric couches or chairs in the library, keep her jacket in her backpack and no hugs w/friends that involve heads touching. I told her I'm sorry for ruining apart of her childhood, but we both agreed it was worth it to spare us the horror once again.)Happy 1st day of school my sweet angels!

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Christy said...

Im a little horrified that Tristin is IN FIFTH GRADE!!!!!! Where did our lives go?! He will have good friends, hes such a sweetheart!

Love seeing your little blondie roman- hes getting so big!!! Im all in for Sunday dinner. Gabe will be gone pretty much ALL september, so lets do a girls night for sure!