Saturday, June 9, 2012

Naughty Boys at the park...

Yesterday we went to the free lunch in the park that they do near our house. We don't go everyday, but when we do, the kids love it. There are always lots of interesting people: large men with bigger bellies than mine without shirts on, kids who look like they havn't had their hair combed in months and ravenous kids who aparently haven't eaten in awhile. It's kind of sad to see and it's one reason I don't go all the time. Apparently, there are also foul mouthed kids who like to attend as well. Yesterday was one of those days that just about did it for me. We were standing in line waiting for 12:00, and we had a few minutes to wait. Behind us were some boys who looked to be around 12 years old. I kept hearing swear words fly out of their mouths like it was nothing. The f word, the a word, the b word- you name it- they were saying it. It continued for several minutes and I had all I could take and finally turned around and said, " would you please watch your mouth- there are little kids around." They zipped it for about 3 seconds and then continued the most foul conversations I have heard in years. The f word was constant, it was discusting, vulgar, and completely appauling. I had no idea kids were capable of such awful conversations. As I shuffled my kids forward so they couldn't hear the horrible-ness, I turned around again, looked right at them and said " SERIOUSLY????" shaking my head. They looked at me and said, "Yeah." I swear, the hand of God must have come down to stop me because it took all I had in me not to slap those nasty boys in the mouths. I almost went off, I was boiling. I was so discusted and angry that they could be so disrespectful. I was so ashamed of them I wanted to tell them everything running through my head. It was rediculous.( I was about to leave and should have. I'm ashamed that I stayed actually) As we left the line, Tristin turned to me and said, "Mom, If I wouldn't have gotten in trouble- I would have punched them in their faces." Me too I thought. I took the moment to put my arm around him and remind him how unnecessary it was to speak that way and how very sad. They continued to swear the entire time. I heard the f word at leat 20 times, although they were a ways away from us. Not like that wasn't bad enough- but 2 ladies came and put their blankets on the grass way to close to ours and sat down. There was 1000's of feet in the park, and they choose to plop down right by our feet. Not only that they had a dog that kept trying to get the kids food. He was circling around, getting up on his hind legs and seriuosly in our space. I was so mad. I hate animals and even when she saw the dog trying to get the kids food, she did nothing to stop him! I had to move back so the nasty thing wouldn't get their stuff. I had finally had it. The half naked man was gross, the swearing kids made me want to beat them, the space invading ladies sent me over the edge and it was time to go. I was done. I told the kids to load up and went to speak to the lady in charge of the lunches. I expained what was going on because the kids were still cursing up a storm. She said she was really sorry but didn't have the authority to do anything. I thanked her and walked away. I got in the van and just shook my head- what was going on?? Seriously, what was happening to our world? How were our kids supposed to grow up and turn out half way normal? We talked about it all the way home and for awhile after. I told the kids all we could do was pray for them and one of them said, "I'm not praying for them!" (Again, another teaching moment about how we needed to pray for them even more) Anyway... it was one of those days that made me feel very sad for our youth. I thanked my Heavenly Father for the gospel and all it's goodness. I thanked him for a little piece of Heaven where none of that was around and I was so grateful our kids at least had an environment where those words would never be used.

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