Thursday, February 17, 2011

My conclusion...

I have concluded after our 20 minute walk to & from school this morning- that we WOULD NOT HAVE SURVIVED THE PIONEER TREK!!! Thats right, we would have been that super whinny family that couldn't walk more than 10 minutes without a melt down, or at least thats how it was this morning! (Granted the girls had been playing in the snow for awhile before we left and their gloves were already soaked through from the ice puddle they were playing in) but holy cow, after 15 minutes there were already tears and cries that they were "FREEZING" and more whinning than I could handle at 8:00 in the morning.
Winter time always makes me reflect on our amazing pioneers. What they went through is unreal and the pain of losing everything including their children is almost more than I can think about. I cannot comprehend what they suffered and then to actually have enough faith to keep moving is unbelieavable to me. It's the cold that makes me cringe at just the thought of what they endured. I am in complete awe and wonderment at those men & women who loved the Lord enough to travel hundreds of miles just to be able to serve the Lord and live in peace. They gave up everything for the temple because it was worth that much to them. They walked in the winter with their babies without the convient hot pink gloves, hats, coats and princess boots we had on this morning. It is truely amazing and such a testimony of sacrafice and love. I cannot imagine for 1 second what they endured or how many hearts were shattered and lives lost over what they encountered. I am beyond grateful to be living at this time and I am so thankful for my trials.

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