Saturday, February 26, 2011

A good man...

Honestly, I can only think of about 3 things that drives me nuts about my husband- other than those silly things, he's as good as they get. Honestly, he's pretty amazing. He makes dinner, folds laundry, changes poopy diapers, takes out the garbage, helps carry grocerys in, takes the kids out on Dad dates,plays with them at the Y, reads them bedtime stories, plays endless games of Monopoly, sings them songs & rocks them to sleep. Should I continue???
He & the kids already cleaned the church once this month and of course Trav signed up to do it again this morning (Granted, we were 30 minutes late and only cleaned for 20 minutes, but hey, we made it, right?)
What makes it even more sweet is that Saturday morning is his ONLY day to sleep in and he sacraficed 2 of those precious mornings to help out this month. What a guy! I just had to post how lucky I am to have one pretty awesome husband!

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