Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Cat poop at 7:45 AM

***Beware, serious rant post***

If you know me at all, you know there are a few things I CANNOT handle in life. The one I'm speaking of today is cats! I'm sorry if you are a fan, but I am DEFINATLY not- one reason is for the past 3 1/2 years the nieghborhood cats have used my front yard, side yard, 2 spots near my front door, my 2 garden boxes, the back yard, gravel in the front yard and gravel in the back yard TO POOP EVERYWHERE!!!!!! They are terrible! And I am beyond angry & frustrated!!!! They have ruined my garden and/or parts of it almost every year and it makes me SO sad. Their poop is endless & everywhere and it smells terrible and there is nothing worse than your kids stepping in cat poop while playing in the back yard! I don't have animals for a reason, yet I have scooped up, raked up, dug up & cleaned up more cat poop than I wish to comment on. Seriously, I'm getting an ulser over it! I am not a swearer. Honestly, I don't even think bad words in my head, but when I see fresh cat poop or have to deal with mounds of frozen poop- I want to scream bad words for the entire neighborhood to hear- so you know it's bad. With the slightly warmer weather lately, I have almost vomited every time I walked up to the front door because of the smell! Finally this morning I couldn't take it anymore, so at 7:45 AM, in my super hot red Bingo sweater and hotpink PJ bottoms, I went out and raked up a garbage bag full of dirt & poop. I think God will forgive me for thinking up 100 ways to kill the cats, don't you???
I didn't stop there, so I raked up another 4 bags of leaves too. Yes, I am the crazy neighborhood lady doing yard work at 8:00 in the morning!


The Goodsell Shrub said...

We have a pooping cat issue also. We sprinkled cheyanne (sp) pepper everywhere. Apparently that burns there feet and when they lick it the pepper goes in they mouth and also hurts when they poop it out. We have had less pooping cats!

Dean Family said...

i like the pepper idea - i'm telling ya I'd do the anti-freeze thing (they're like pests...i'm sure you'll be forgiven) haha