Friday, January 28, 2011

Strep throat, Scarlet fever, shots & double ear infections...

The past few days have not been fun around here. There's been lots of fevers, vomiting, sore throats, coughs, green snot and unhappy kids- not to mention a tired Mama.
Tristin has been miserable for days now- the poor thing has had fevers, tons of vomiting, a sore throat and then yesterday he broke out in a rash that covered most of his body. It was pretty freaky, but I gave him alergy medicine thinking it might have been caused by the new laundry detergent- but by last night- it was awful. I was going to take him in to Quick care, but they were closed and I didn't think an ER visit was necessary because he had not been throwing up for awhile and his fever was only 99.9
I waited until this morning and got him in right away to his Dr. He tested positive for strep and Scarlette fever (an itchy, rough, sandpaper like rash that covers most of the body. It used to be super awful, but now is very treatable. It is only contagious if passed through salivia and enters the other person's mouth- so hopefuly we won't be catching that!) Strep & Scarlette fever are caused by the same bacteria, and treated with the same antibiotics! Good news! We picked up his medicine, bought popcycles and he is now being treated with rest and endless eposides of SpongeBob!

Willow recieved her 2nd flu shot while we were there and I had the Dr look in her ears- sure enough- she had another double ear infection! No wonder she was feeling so yucky these past days. Her cough, green snot and overall unpleastness finally had a reason! I talked to the Dr about tubes for her ears because it is so common and she's had A LOT of ear infections, but he was hopeful that by Feb. they would start declining- so nothing more was discussed. I just want her comfortable- she is such a sweet happy girl, I just hate knowing she's hurting if I can do something to help the situation.
So, here we go again with another 10 days of pink goopy stuff, and charts to keep track of each kid and their medicine feedings- of course that I am beyond grateful for! We are blessed to have Dr.'s and medicine, thank you Lord!

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Jana said...

Ohh, poor Tristin! And Willow! And Emily!!! I hope everyone feels better soon.