Monday, January 24, 2011

Our amazing Tristin...

It is wonderful to watch the kids grow up and turn into their own little people. Tristin loves to invent things- here's the proof:

Sunday morning I was getting ready for church when I heard the kids totally excited about something. I looked out the door and found thatTristin had made a zipline from the hall closet to the front door and was sliding a silver star all the way down it! It was actually quite amazing!

Last week he wanted to "invent" something- so the next thing I knew, he was out in the recycling bin, then in his room and then creating a marble drop! Hopefully his brillance will make him some money one day!

I just love my little man. He is growing up so much and finding his place in this world. He is such a wonderful brother and helper most of the time. He ADORES reading right now and nothing gladdens my heart more then to walk in his room and see him with his nose in a book! It's delightful.

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