Thursday, July 16, 2009

Let the canning begin!!!

Who knew that one day the sight of canning jars, fresh fruit/veggies & trips to the orchard/garden would bring so much happiness into my life? I am deliriously happy and if I wasn't pregnant, I think I would dance wild in the street right now!

After swim lessons, I met my girlfriends at the garden to pick beans & peas. I had never used a pressure cooker before today,(or did I even know their purpose until 2 years ago!)and it was super easy! It was a little time consuming, but what canning process isn't? Thank you Lara for letting me use your pressure cooker, that I must admit I don't want to return to you now! I'm now on the lookout for one of my own! (As well as a food processor, a 2 burner gas camp stove & food strainer!) I'll give yard sales another few weeks, and then if God doesn't send my coveted items my way, I'll end up on E bay spending way too much on shipping prices!)
Here are my beautiful beans!And I canned them all by myself and actually read a manual! Unbelievable!


tvcadurfee said...

congrats!!! i'm glad you got it all figured out!

jen said...

Great job! You're awesome!