Saturday, February 21, 2009

The toothfairy came last night...

Yes, I can offically add "toothfairy" to my long list of motherly duties. Yesterday morning, Tristin woke up and said, "Mom, my tooth is loose!!" I looked and sure enough, that tiny thing was wiggling a little bit.
By the time I picked him up from school, we both knew it was just a few hours before that thing fell out, and I realized I better have some cash on me for the big "toothfairy arrival". The entire ride home from school, he kept asking all these questions about the fairy: What does she look like? Does she really have wings? How will she get in the house? etc.. and so, like any faboulous mother does, I lied straight to his face and told him just how beautiful she was, how incredible her wings were, and that she would come through the chimney (because it was too cold to leave his window open)
So, after the blessed tooth fell out, we prepared it for "the magic fairy" to come, he hopped in bed, we said prayers, snuggled and then as I was leaving he said, "Mom, leave my door open a little so she can fly in my room." Smiling, I said, "Okay Bud."
I was so exausted when I crawled into bed, but I kept praying to God that I wouldn't forget to put his money under his pillow or fall asleep first! I was able to wait 30 minutes and then placed $ 2.00 where his tooth used to be.
He was thrilled when he woke up and I was equally happy that I was able to stay awake long enough to fit into my fairy costume!


The Beals said...

TWO DOLLARS? Man, Im gonna knock a few of MY teeth out tonight! The tooth fairy has gotten very generous since I was a kid!!! Its so cute how innocent and believing kids are - I cant wait for my fairy duties to start too!!!

jayna said...

Grace just realized her first tooth is a bit on the wiggly's very bittersweet, isn't it?! A change to the smiles we've grown accustomed to?!