Wednesday, October 29, 2008

What I am grateful for...

I just got off the phone with my Mom a few minutes ago and we were talking about some of the trials that are swirling around in the family. We started talking about how incredibly blessed we are, and how spoiled. We have so much in this life and we forget it, almost instantly. We become aware of things, mostly when they stop working and we are stuck washing the dishes by hand, or left for a day without internet access. We are blessed more than we can comprehend...
Today I am thankful for:

My incredibly comfortable bed that I woke up in.
My husband leaving for work, because it meant he still had a job!
Snuggling with Tristin and talking before the the girls woke up and the day got started.
Public schools & 1st grade teachers.
My yellow VW bug that is still running!
A closet full of clothes.
A princess named Daisy (who loves to change dresses every 30 minutes.)
My little monkey, Grace, who loves to give kisses.
Clorex wipes.
Making Birthday cakes just to see how excited the kids get to help.
Computers & telephones.
My family.
My new saw!


The Beals said...

So true.

And may I add diet coke, the smell of laundry soap, nap time, netflix, and cheese to that list!

Jana said...

What a nice reminder to be grateful! I was thinking the other day about how intensely I can pray for a needed blessing and then when I receive it, I only express thanks for the blessing a few times - paling in comparison to how often I prayed to ask for it! I need to even that up, or even tip it in the other direction!