Monday, March 10, 2008

Our 1st Family Noodle Bath!!!

In honor of my college roomates, this one is for you!!! Nicole, you'll probably be the first one to see these, we had SOOOOO much fun! But I missed having you for this one!
For those of you who have no clue about my college days, my roomates, Travis and I took a noodle bath the night before the semister ended way back in 1999. We got the idea after watching Patch Adam's and for the week prior to everyone leaving, we went door to door to the apartments and collected over 70 packages of Top Ramen. We had a blast (but don't worry, my Dad was right there, so nothing "naughty" happened!)
For my 28th birthday (2 months ago) that's all I wanted... was another noodle bath. So I grabbed a huge box of ramen when I went to Costco and we surprised the kids with it. Tristin was a little nervous at first and said, "No way, I'm not getting in there." But, a few seconds later he was right in loving every second of it! I reccomend it to anyone and everyone! It is the coolest feeling ever!! It's our new family tradition now!!


Nicole said...

Yea!! The noodle bath - this brings back so many memories. That was so fun - except the clean up. I am so glad your kids get to do it and you did it again too.

jayna said...

OH my gosh- this is hilarious Emily! I'm glad to see other people were insane in college too! :) I'm sure you're kids thought it was the coolest thing ever!