Wednesday, February 6, 2008

I know, I'm WAY behind!!

Well, when I started, I was doing so well posting pictures and keeping the grandparents updated, but slowly, it all went down hill. I'll get back to it after Trav helps me with the pictures again, but we always seem to be so busy with everything else that my beloved blog gets pushed to the end of the to-do list.
Oh well, priorities right? I've been keeping busy with normal life. 3 kids, work, the house, teaching in RS @ church, being a sweet and wonderful wife (I finally gave in and "allowed" Travis to buy his flat screen TV, now he can be quiet about the darn thing!) , trying to cook but failing, planning birthday parties (Grace turned 1 before Christmas and Daisy's princess party is in a few days!She's turning 3 and is SO girly, I love it!) I've started manking hair bows for the girls and LOVE it, they are so cute! It's been fun to try something new. We are survivng the snow but I am still hating it. I don't have panick attacks anymore when it's time to pick Tristin up from school, and if the roads are not too icy, I can run errands, but it's time for it to go.
The kids are doing well. Tristin is still enjoying school, Daisy is in princess Heaven and Grace is working on more teeth, so you know how great she is!
We are excited for our trip "home" next month to Seattle and to the coast! I cannot wait to set foot on the sand and get swept away (not litterally of course.)
Well, Grace is screaming and laundry is waiting for my arrival! I'll post more pictures when I get it figured out again!


Nicole said...

Don't get down on yourself, at least you have a blog. I'm thinking about starting one since I love checking everyone elses. Anyway, I love to make bows too, I'm obsessed with ribbon - don't tell Brett :)

Jessica said...

Love you!

Gabe & Christy Beal said...

Daisys party was the cutest thing ever. You seriously need to let your children model for the cover of magazines, ive never seen 3 kids all from the same family that were ALL so PRETTY! You went so above and beyond with her little princess theme - im officially hiring you for ALL my future child parties! Thanks again for inviting us, and it was fun at dinner the other night with the girls. Ive missed having people I know to talk to. Sorry if i didnt let anyone get a word in edgewise - ive been completely isolated with no real contact for so long! Anyway, thanks for putting up with me!

Crandall Family said...

Your kids are simply adorable! They should be in commercials :).
I don't know how you do it all/ that's so great you have your own business. Christy helped me create a blog so I have joined the 21st century at last :) Have a great day!

Gabe & Christy Beal said...


I was at the temple at 6..and walked by you and Chelsea as I went into my session!!! I tried to scream out quietly (you were renting clothes) but alas...I couldnt get your attention! We'll have to plan another trip soon..maybe in the evening!